I'm not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this, so apologies' if its in the wrong section or not aloud to ask here (in the site).

I'm at the part where you face the giant immortal and cant kill him, but before you get to him there are those archers, I was wondering how to kill them? To build up wraith. Can you throw your spear at them & then pick up the spears that are stuck in dead warriors? And with there energy use it to kill the giant immortal, (being blood drunk). I've even tried to see if I can force him off the ledge, but thats not an easy thing to do, as he's a big fella & not as dumb as some of the others.

I like the game but my only real concern is that when you get into a situation where you've learnt the skills necessary to get any further it wont remind you of the controls.

Thanks to anyone who can help