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Thread: Picking games.

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    Default Picking games.

    Alright, I'm looking for a great ps1 or psp game. Could some of you give me a suggestions, however there are a few types of games i don't like.

    #1. I don't like the games where you pick the attack and the character does it for you, this is commonly RPGS. I can't stand that type of gameplay, I do however like hack and slash.

    #2. I typically don't like racing games, unless it's like burnout or GTA

    I also like action / adventure and RTS. I like shooters as well, I like 3rd person ebtter then first, but i'll still play a 1st person shooter if it's decent.

    Games i've played: Moster hunter series, god of war, star wars games, lego indiana jones, GTA series, burnout series, patapon, worms,tomb raider, untold legends series,dbz, syphoon filter (and some others that i forgot)

    Any suggestions?

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    hack and slash is easy

    dynasty warriors vol.2
    you dont need to have played the first which wasnt that good. vol2 is much better though
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