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Thread: Which Monster Hunter?

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    Default Which Monster Hunter?

    I noticed that theres a sticky for it, but i dont know if this relates to it.
    So i have Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (US) and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Jap).
    I found out that they are going to release the 2nd G to America and call it Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
    I ripped my 2nd G to use the TeamHGG patch, so most is translated to english.
    What do you guys think?
    Should i play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and wait till Unite comes out, and transfer my character?
    Or just ignore it and play Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G?
    I dont know if any of my friends would play this game, My cousins in China plays the Jap version, and i think if my friends here starts to play, they would play Unite.
    I started the game so much that i dont like starting new games anymore.

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    Personally, I'm buying it even though I have a copy of P2ndG.
    There will most likely be a program to convert your P2ndG to Unite.

    I'm a huge fan, and capcom wants to start pushing the franchise here to make it more popular. It's HUGE in Japan if you didn't know. If it gets huge here, we have more chance of getting Monster Hunter Tri (wii) and Frontier (PC).

    But yea, I'd just keep playing P2ndG, since there will probably be a converter program soon after the release of Unite.

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    If you're friends are going to start playing with ya, just start fresh with them (start up on MHF2). Also, if you played MHF1, you can transfere some items/money/tickets over to MHF2 (though I'm sure you've already known this since its the same as mhp/mhp2/mhp2g).

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