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Thread: TeamHGG MHP2G JAP <> ENG TL Patch v2.7 Out!

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    Default TeamHGG MHP2G JAP <> ENG TL Patch v2.7 Out!

    Here’s the latest update from teamhgg. Nope, no one is dead or dying; not yet, we hope.

    Complete Patcher v2.7
    Language file only

    Added: Item descriptions are complete, infobook is nearly complete. Errors reported to date have been fixed.
    The usual reminder to support original: Purchase MHP2G from PlayAsia

    We’d also like to welcome our newest member into TeamHGG:


    He had supported us during our early days with many error reportings, even helping to spot and fix a major bug. Now, he has joined our ranks and does a hell of a job with translating.

    Good to have you on board, aegilnet.
    Source + Download:

    Guide for M33 firmwares | Install DCv8 |PS3 Hacking Thread

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    Sweet Thank you

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