not sure where i could post this so if its in the wrong spot plz move it for me. thanks

A friend of mine named PSPm3 hads set up 3 servers for multiplayer gaming
All same ip's but with a few different ports. well here's it is...


this game and online can be played from a slim/phat or your PC.
I'd post the links for everything but im not sure if i can so just pm me or google search Kurok and it should be the first thing that comes up.

Online mode is sweet. This is by far the best shooter game for the psp.
If you have ever played SFDM or any other Syphon Filter game you will love this great game!!

Oh and the servers will be up 24/7. ill leave a few bots on each server and anyone can add more or remove them as they feel fit. tell your friends and try to promote Kurok, the more on the funner it will be. Also the more ppl intrested in Kurok could make the game get a update sooner