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Thread: SNES Roms for the PSP

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    Default SNES Roms for the PSP

    ok i have a sight i use to download snes rom's but here lately when i download any file relating to the snes it doesnt show up on my emulator. Does any one know the reason as to why this is? I have a few idea's as to why, but i could use some help on this. If you have an idea please just message me i'm not always online.

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    Not exactly sure what you mean but I'll take a guess.

    Are you putting the games in the right folder??

    Also check to make sure the emulator supports the game extension (.smc, .sfc, .zst etc)

    Also check the games properties to make sure they aren't set to Read Only or Hidden or Archive or whatever.

    Lastly, try restarting the PSP or if it's for your computer check for a Refresh Rom List or something to that effect.

    Actually something I came across a few days ago.... I added some new games, went to play them in the PSP emulator & couldn't find them in their alphabetical list. Turns out they were right at the bottom of the list. Must have something to do with Date added perhaps. You could always setting the folder to Sort A-Z.

    Hope some of that's useful

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