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Thread: Final Fantasy VIII now on Japanese PSN

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    Default Final Fantasy VIII now on Japanese PSN
    Just like the Guardian Forces that they can't survive without, Squall, Rinoa, and the rest of the Final Fantasy VIII crew have Junctioned themselves into a new domain - the Japanese PSN. Now you can go and relive the days of boosting Eden for ten years, spending hours hunting Draw Points, and taking advantage of critical HP to spam Limit Breaks.

    Final Fantasy VIII is available now, priced at ¥ 1500, which would be about US$ 16. Square Enix managed to squeeze the game into a 1.815MB file so it won't be such a space-eater in your PS3 or PSP. There's currently no word on release for other territories, but since Final Fantasy VII is on the US Store, they might as well follow up.
    so 6.00 pops should play FFVIII the best?

    now, When and if the USA/EU get it, is the question

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    i didnt really like 8 that much. but when 9 is released, ill shit gold. i fucking love 9. its more like the original FFs, but with newer features and graphics.
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    Especially when 9 is released, it will finally have sound in the FMV's.

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