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Hi there all, i have just obtained this game but it has come with 64 files 31 are rar files not sure what to do with them all as i am used to just 1 rar with an iso/cso file in it, any ideas? thanks in advance
Some RAR files can be parts of multi-volume sequences. In WinRAR you can split a huge archive to a few smaller files, which are called volumes. They may have extensions .rar (the first volume), .r00, .r01, ..., or .part1.rar (the first volume), .part2.rar, ..., etc. If you need to unpack volumes, place all them to the same folder and start extraction from the first volume.
If you downloaded the Scene release (Obscure_The_Aftermath_USA_PSP-pSyPSP) follow these instructions :
Look for psy-otam.rar ( This is the first volume ) Right click on it and select Extract Here .

If you cannot see the file extensions try this : http://www.fileinfo.com/help/windows...xtensions.html and Uncheck the box that says Hide extensions for known file types .