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Thread: Dead or Alive Paradise

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    Default Dead or Alive Paradise

    First Look: Dead or Alive Paradise

    Kasumi and the girls head off to a paradise island for beach volleyball, gambling, and swimsuit fashion shows.

    by IGN Staff


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    December 18, 2009 - We shared first word with you regarding Dead or Alive Paradise earlier in the week. Today, Tecmo made the game official with the Japanese press at large.

    As detailed in our initial report, Dead or Alive Paradise is a PSP take on the DOA Xtreme series. Players experience life with the girls of the Team Ninja fighter on a warm southern island. Activities include beach volleyball, gambling, and poolside games.

    Oh, and stalking. Lots and lots of stalking. You're encouraged to go around with a camera and take pictures of the girls, which you can then assemble into an album.

    You can see the album creation mode in the small set of screenshots that Tecmo provided.

    Our media update also has a look at a Kasumi figure that will be included with the pricier of the game's two limited editions (yes, two!)

    Dead or Alive Paradise hits the Japanese PSP on April 2.
    when there ever a new DOA fighter

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    Kasumi looks hot

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