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Thread: Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

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    Default Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

    The teased new Star Wars game was revealed at tonight's Video Game Awards, and one of our many guesses was right on the money. It's a direct sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, due for release in 2010. The story-based trailer didn't show any gameplay, but featured Starkiller struggling with his inner demons amid the words of both Yoda and Darth Vader, before going head-to-head against a creature big enough to kill a Rancor. We'll keep an eye out for more word on The Force Unleashed 2 and let you know when we learn more.

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    Can't wait, liked the first one (though it had it's problems) but am looking forward to seeing what they can do with the hindsight of TFU to guide them.
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