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Thread: .Hack Link Demo Help?

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    Default .Hack Link Demo Help?

    Hi guys,
    So, I downloaded a .hack link demo last night and i tried to run it on my psp slim running 5.50 GEN D3. However, upon starting the game up, whilethe PSP logo was showing, the PSP cut to a black screen with some japanese lettering on it, then it cuts to the "The game could not be started. (Error 80010013)" message and spits me back onto the XMB. Has anyone tried this demo, and if so, do you know a workaround or anything?

    P.S. If it helps:
    I'm using Version.txt
    Plain modules in UMD/ISO: Disabled
    Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO: Disabled
    XMB Plugins: Disabled
    GAME Plugins: Disabled
    POPs Plugins: Disabled

    EDIT: This is interesting. I use Game Categories on my PSP and I tried to run it using the content Browser plugin.However, now I'm getting a "The game could not be started. (Error 80020148)"

    Hope this Helps...

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    it has the same problem that KH has, it has to do with the 6.20 FW.

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    i have it running fine, on 5.50 gen-d3

    go to the PSP Demo center
    using your psp and get it there

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    It's because DEMOs (one's downloaded from PSN) don't run when categorized using Game Categories, just move your DEMOs folder into PSP/GAME, rather than PSP/GAME/DEMOs etc..

    That way, the Gen D3 will patch your demo, but that doesn't mean you can categorize it.

    P.S. Demos only require you to disable GAME plugins, not the others.

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    Im running 5.50 gen-d3 on a phat i got the demo from psp demo center
    and i carnt get it to work it gives the same error The game could not be started. (Error 80020148)
    i have the folder in psp\game\ i dont have anything runing plugings
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