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    Default disgaea 1

    ok so i just finished this game, dam it was nice.. nice story, specially during the end.. so what happened after the end? like when the credits started to come, and then the credits ended, they said a few more things after the credits ended but i missed them.. could some one tell me what those were? and did they give a clue as to the end of this game, about whether flonne came back to life.. and does the sequel to this game (disgaea 2) have a storyline related to this one.

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    Flonne did come back to life, if you got the default ending, which involves you not killing your teammates.

    Nope, Disgaea 2 is a whole different story with a different protagonist.
    But Laharl and the gang are still in it, but unlockables in the Dark Asembly.

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    ^ didn really get u.. which involves u not killing ur team mates :/..wat?

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    Disgaea games have multi endings

    depending on how you played the game, and when you die in some battles, or will some battle that you cant win without super power leveling
    Spoiler for Endings:

    Bad Ending:
    Defeat the Item God on the 100th floor of a legendary item
    Dark Assembly:
    Persuade by Force 100 times in the Dark Assembly
    Etna Heroine:
    Kill 100 or more allies before Episode 5's Ice Queen Battle then choose to kill Maderas.
    Flonne Tradegy:
    Kill 50 or more allies before Episode 3 and the Lavish Hall battle. Choose to Kill Hoggmeiser.
    Good Ending:
    Beat the game without killing allies
    Midboss Ending!:
    Lose to Midboss in your first encounter with him.
    Overthrow Earth:
    Clear human world

    ally kill is when you kill your own char
    Laharl kills Flonne in battle
    that is an ally kill

    have 0 ally kills and get a different ending

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