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    Default Rock_Band_Unplugged_Lite_USA_PSN_PSP-HR

    The first ever portable version of the popular music and gaming experience, this remix of the hit Rock Band features a number of features familiar to Rock Band fans and also makes use of the PSP's Wi-Fi capabilities as well as offers full access to DLC via the in-game store.
    Available exclusively for PSPgo owners, Rock Band Unplugged Lite is an a la carte release of the game with select sample tracks included to get you started and then the ability to go crazy in the Rock Band track store picking up all the music you wish to purchase and play.
    Packed size = 349.63 MB
    Happy Hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by jibbz View Post

    Packed size = 349.63 MB
    Happy Hunting
    Well, I can only assume that they just added all the planned DLC songs to this 'Lite' Edition *Cough* Bullshit *Cough*

    But I've played the 'Normal' one and it works fine, But be wary some memory sticks will make some songs go slowly, Its not something that can be patched or fixed it just means your memory stick is a bit slow, I experianced this with a Sony MS(4GB) but recently got a 16GB Photofast thingy MS and all the songs decided to work on that Memory stick without error.

    Its safe to assume you might not be able to run certain songs if you have an old MS.

    Apart from this the game is perfect, Truly fun and actually VERY easy if you get used to it - the hardest thing about it is when playing the Drum part which can be ridiculous in some songs, But still just lower the difficulty. yet again I'd say buy this game and what really sways this one over into the MUST BUY section is the band customization which is great fun, sometimes limited but still generally good for what it is.
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