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Thread: Gran Turismo SAVEGAME only allowed on one PSP?

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    Default Gran Turismo SAVEGAME only allowed on one PSP?

    I have multiple PSP's and I swap out my memory stick to witch ever PSP I have on hand. I went to play Gran Turismo and I got this error:

    "Save Data created on another PSP (PlayStation Portable) has been detected.

    Please press the PS (HOME) button to end the game.

    Continuing the game will overwrite previous Save Data.
    Would you like to try loading the Save Data again?"

    I did a little research and for some reason Sony thought it would be a good idea to have the the SAVEGAME local to the PSP it was saved on. They probably did this to prevent "duping" of cars or some other type of cheating. But since this is a PSP hacking site, has anyone found a way around this so the save game could be used on any PSP?


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    Well I don't think they're going to win on this one, their probably going to have to do some kind of CFW check just to keep me from copying my cars to PS3 when it finally comes out. I'm pretty sure you have to have your psp in the same name as the save, that's all, for me I only got one psp so I just used cw money cheat, then do 2 races to refresh cars so I can buy every car.
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    you may want to try save game Deemer. that decrypts save data. then copy that decrypted data to the other psp.
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