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Thread: do you ever get to play as alex in golden sun 2?

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    Default do you ever get to play as alex in golden sun 2?

    im playin golden sun 2 on my psp.

    ive beaten it once a long long time ago.

    i thought you get to play as alex, but hes not in my party.
    im still on the first continent thing (havent got boat yet either)

    now i see some other water adept, and im guessing that hes gonna join my party, and if he does i prolly dont get to play as alex.

    do i ever get alex in my party? cuz hes BADASS

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    I've finished both Golden Sun games too and as far I know you can use him by transfering your old Golden Sun data to part two. I think you can also do it with some kind of code system. If im right you can just find a good code online and add it. then you'll have their ''old Golden Sun'' Party.

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