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Thread: Problem with Lord of Arcana

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    Default Problem with Lord of Arcana

    I'm having some trouble with this game.
    Everything works fine till i defeat Vermilion at chapter 6.
    After i killed him, some movie and credits will play, both unskippable.
    Then another movie starts and in about 3 sec the movie freezes, the txt is there but the video became black.
    The psp doesn't restart like in most situations where your game freezes.
    I can also acces the menu button and go to the menu.
    Same thing happens when i kill vermillion again so it's not random.

    I'm using a cfw 5.50 GEN D3 on a psp slim lite (datacode 8B)

    Ps: Hope this is the right section to post this

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    Since u've found the Lord of Arcana discussin thread, continue your discussion there.

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