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Thread: Problem with Castlevania DXC Original Games

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    Question Problem with Castlevania DXC Original Games

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the whole PSP hacking scene. I own a PSP-3010 running 6.35 OFW, and use the signed 6.35HEN. The thing is that I recently downloaded the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles .cso, and have been playing it using Prometheus 0.1. When I managed to unlock both original games (Rondo of Blood and SotN), I tried to play them but both get stuck on the loading screen, and I have even tried using both ISO Modes on Prometheus (M33 and NP9660). What could be happening? Any help is welcome plz

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    try converting the cso file back to iso.

    if you dont know how, download the Yacc (yet another cso compressor, youll find it in psp-hacks search engine), then when you installed it, open it, then go to decompression tab. the rest is self explanatory (if its not to you, let me know)

    and always remember this: .iso is always better than cso, because cso is compressed and it causes errors and lags on certain games.
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    Castlevania DXC is the worst game on PSP! I am fan of Castlevania series, but this game is too bad!
    Have you tried using 6.35 Pro A CFW?

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