Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP was only released in Japan. Some people had translated the whole game and released a patcher converting the game into English. Link for the game is not provided. However, you only need just any one iso from the 2 UMDs, The whole game will be in the iso after patching.

Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP) – English Translation

Though this possible the best title in the entire PSP catalog, its release date, being at the end of the console’s lifetime, made it impossible for western players to enjoy it. Claiming “market reasons”, Square Enix never released and English localized version. Rumors say they even canceled an almost complete localization after years of work.

Despite being a portable game, its quality encouraged players around the world to start signing online petitions for the game to be released outside Japan; this is the case of both Operation Suzaku, and Project Crystallis. However, Square Enix remains silent and nowadays the possibilities of an official USA release for the PSP are minimal.

This is why I’m started working on this fan translation project, so all fans can enjoy this wonderful game. It all started on 01/01/2013 but since then, some skilled Japanese translators and proofreaders have joined me; otherwise the project would have been impossible, as I can’t speak Japanese.

Our objective is to bring a high quality localization for the game, from text translation, to image and video edition. Although we are not considering the inclusion of English voice over at this point, we do plan to add some enhancements such as UMD Merging, or faster loading times without data installation.

– Patcher Download

The automatic patcher is all you need to translate your copy of Final Fantasy Type-0. Just make an ISO dump of either UMD (you can also use the Merged ISO) and select it after clicking the “patch” option. Then choose where to save the patched ISO Image and wait for the patcher to generate it. Simple as that :

Download Final Fantasy Type-0 Operation Doomtrain English Patch (2.04 GB):
h t t p s://mega. co. nz/%23!pwp3ARQR!8WCIyHbNd1nF1EdfXwtsP4SSpPN9JkeB5Az519-zpCs
h t t p://www .skybladecloud. net/projects/final-fantasy-type-0-psp-english-translation/