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Thread: Need Help Uploading My Legal Tv Shows From PSP

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    Does anyone know any free site that will give at least 100MB of space a upload limit of at least 90MB and a good amount of bandwith and will upload my tv shows from the PSP 2.0 ???

    By the way im really sorry if its in the wrong thread or site but im trying to host my VCR recorded tv shows for myself and
    I hate usb's too much trouble and time i have 2.0 so if anyone can help that'll be really cool

    NOTE: most upload sites do not work with the psp 2.0 they require java or internet explorer and netscape... that includes yousendit and :cry:

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    i dont think there are many free hosts... your best bet would be to upload to a bt tracker... on another note how are your tv shows legal... did you call up the channel and ask permission or did they send you copies... if you got them with tivo they are for you personal use only (just like with vcrs) and honestly what is the difference between the show from your tivo or some bt tracker that got it some other way... none except you possibly watched it... of course if i am incorrect and you have actual legal tv shows i still recommend you uploa... i just realised i misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish you want to setup a website where you can host your videos so whenever you run into an internet connection you can dl your videos and watch them without storing them all on your ms... cheezwiz im ignant... (i guess that still falls into personal use from your tivo... its like ripping the music off a cd and puttin it on your ipod [actually its closer to doing that from the radio]) well youll still be hard pressed to find a site with 90mb file size allocations... the 100mb space shouldnt be too hard but they usually limit the size of each file to like 5mb or something... try or other portal sites in the uk dont use .com because they give less space lol they give good bandwith (if youre the only one dling)

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