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    version 3.0 heres the read me...
    Original portal by ASR
    Continued with permission by



    For support visit our support forums at

    v1.00 - 7/28/05
    - added all original features, including links, games, and apps
    v1.25 - 7/29/05
    - added more games, removed some games, fixed some apps
    v1.50 - 7/30/05
    - added Text Reader Program and fixed some functionality issues
    v1.80 - 7/31/05
    - it seems that these come out once a day! ^_^
    - added entirely new graphics thanks to Retro_X
    - removed things, added things, too lazy to say what
    - Text Reader Program fixed
    - murdered Sam
    - everything is now on ONE html file, no more loading
    - cleaner and more efficient
    v1.90 - 8/1/05
    - much more functionality
    - more games, more apps
    - icon setting
    - credit line is optional
    - desktop wallpaper chooser
    v.1.90RF - 8/1/05
    - removed desktop wallpaper chooser
    - made room for easier customization
    - ate a pop tart
    - reformatted entire portal for better functionality
    v.2.00 - 8/3/05
    - removed icons
    - included window support for apps
    - entirely changed default theme
    - added mini-browser
    v.2.50 TP - 8/4/05
    - changed Music and Video links to
    - added the Log In page
    - edited the Text Reader to work in the browser window
    v.3.00 - 8/18/05
    - Theme pack removed
    - Tetris added
    - PSPDraw Removed
    - Real stopwatch added
    - Clock added
    - Word processor added
    - Link manager added
    - Games collection, wishlist, playing, and favorites lists added

    What this is meant to be is an offline website, accessible at all times by your PSP. If you do have
    an internet connection, there is an assortment of links to help you through the internet without
    using PSP's dial-a-key-board, including fast links to e-mail, searches, and online messengers. This
    is accessible to anybody using the official PSP Firmware 2.00 built-in browser.

    Unzip the zip file to the ROOT of your PSP's memory stick (the topmost folder, it has no name, it houses everything on the stick).
    Once unzipped, you should see a "win" folder in the root directory, along with this readme. Feel free
    to delete this readme. To run the Windows PSPortal, go into your Web Browser and type:
    ...and you will see a familiar screen for Windows users. You will have tons of easy accessibilty to
    your favorite sites and basic games!
    n00b tip: The ROOT folder is the topmost folder. Root means top, or the base. So, you would
    unzip everything to the place where you see PSP and possibly MP_ROOT. So you
    should see three folders: PSP, MP_ROOT, and win.

    - Tons of links to websites such as e-mail hosts, online messengers, and Sony's own website
    - GAMES:
    - Battleship
    - Blackjack
    - Box-In
    - Checkers
    - Demolition
    - Minesweeper
    - Reflex Test
    - Pegs
    - Hangman
    - Tetris
    - APPS:
    - Calendar
    - Calculator
    - Stopwatch
    - Word processor
    - Link manager
    - Games collection, wishlist, playing, and favorites lists
    - Text Reader Program
    - OTHER:
    - Mini Browser

    The greatest feature about the Windows PSPortal is the ability to change your "desktop background".
    Follow these instructions to go about changing your desktop:
    - find or make a PNG image with the exact dimensions of 480x272
    - replace win/pictures/desktop.PNG with your image
    - make sure your image is named desktop.PNG
    Another feature is the Text Reader Program. To use this, just move text files (.txt) into the text
    folder of the portal and rename them to any number from 001-050. For example, you're Harry Potter eBook
    text file might be renamed to " 002.txt ". Open the Text Reader Program and click on the corresponding
    number to read your text file!
    To access the Mini Browser (internet connection required), click the tiny "E" icon on the start bar.
    When you first access the WinPSPortal through win/index.html, you will see the Log In screen. Just click
    the theme of your choice and enter WinPSPortal!

    - Eternity117 for many themes
    - everybody who submitted a theme for 2.50 FULL gets a great big hug!
    - for the great website!
    - Retro_X for the graphics and default skin
    - ColumbianCartel for many of the games
    - Thank you to everyone who supported me on and on the Sony PSP boards!


    For support visit our support forums at
    k go here to download a theme packhttp://<a href="http://winpsportal.c...wnload.php</a> im trying it out right now, it looks great

    PSP 5.00 m33

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    where do you dowload psportal?

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