Theres a new PSP Formmated PSP Magazine coming soon!

This will be aimed at providing reviews of Homebrew Apps and people wanting to release there programs into the Homebrew scene.

The Name of this new magazine will be Brew-Review.

We are inviting YOU to make a Logo for this great new mag! The best logo will be put on EVERY issue of the magazine and you will get your name in EVERY issue as well!

The criteria is as follows:

> The logo MUST have Brew-Review written somewhere and readable
> No explicit content or swearing allowed in the logo
> No other words except for Brew-Review are allowed in the logo
> It MUST be no less than 100x100 pixels and no more than 480x272
> It MUST be in JPEG or GIF format (for transperant pics)
> Dragons and manga are cool

Once you've done it post a link to it here or PM Me a link if you dont want people stealing your ideas

Good luck!


Email reviews, UNRELEASED homebrew and art to: