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Thread: Well - I'm good at shopping .... white psp - what next???

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    Hi - hope you can assist?? :)

    1. What's all this firmware stuff then - how do you remove it / add it? - something to do with enabling machine to allow non-legal movies?

    2. Does this no.2 thing work with the white one from Japan?

    3. Any good sites for buying accessories / movies / games?

    4. what's the best advice for beginners pretty please???


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    1.people have finally gone bacj from 2.0 t o 1.5 to play homebre and other sutff u couldn to with 2.00

    2. yes the downgrade works with the white japensee psp ,but some people cant get it to work

    3. go to and go to accesersories

    4.just search forums and if u dont find wut ur looking for post it and ppl will be happy to help u

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