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Thread: 1.52 > 2.0 > 1.50 then back to 2.0 Now have some probl

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    Hi all, i've had my psp on 1.52 running Colin McCrae Rally via UMD for some time, and all is well, its fast, goes from menu to menu quick etc.

    Then i upgarded to 2.0, then downgraded to 1.5.... played around with it, didn't run any homebrew or iso's, and then returned to 2.0 again so i could play my UMD game.

    Only now my psp has the odd little problems, sometimes it might just freeze, or haa trouble looking on the memory card or is slow reading the UMD during game play, or has image break up problems during play back.

    Has anyone suffered a similar problem?



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    I don't believe this issue could be due to your downgrading and upgrading... when you update, all prior firmware is wiped out. The PSP has no recolection of being 1.52 or 1.5, all it knows is that it is now 2.0. If you had no problems with running the UMD before messing around with it I would say you maybe dropped it or something. If this is the first time you've updated, it may be the UMD or the PSP, but I would suspect the UMD first...

    btw, you should use the WAB version changer homebrew program, which will allow you to play games that require version 2.0, while you still have 1.5... ppl are afraid to run homebrew, but as long as you trust only things you find in the downloads section of this site, you will be 100% safe... they have all been tested and approved...

    what UMD were you trying to run? do you experience problems with any other UMDs?

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