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Thread: Take on GBA emulator

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    I'm fine with ROMs. But I think the GBA emu is wrong and should be banned currently.

    I know you all love emulators and stuff, but ripping the GBA and ripping the SNES, NES, and Gameboy are totally different things.

    I mean C'mon! No one sells an Super Nintendo Entertainment System anymore! Not to Imagine trying to find Chrono trigger for it! I think it's ok to get roms for those old, ancient, long past games and consoles because it would be extremely hard to find such rare antiques.

    But the GBA...
    Nintendo is still making money off the GBA. Already though people are starting to essentially ROB nintendo of their money by coming out with things like the Visual Boy Advance. The GBA is out, you can find it almost everywhere, the games are everywhere, sure it might cost you money but if you want Nintendo to make high quality games and systems rather then pool more money, resources, and manpower into developing anti hack and cheat software; think about what I just said and don't use any GBA emulators...... yet.

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    That's what I used to say... Until I tried it. But even though I use GBA emulators, I buy the games I really want so that I can play them on my TV through my Gamecube. I own more GBA games than I do GBA ROMs. So to each his own. If I want to try a game, I download it first.

    I agree with your logic, though.

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    i completely agree with you about ROMs and such. I dont see a problem playing NES, SNES, SMS, GB, GBC and Genisis games on my PSP becayse the respective companies are no longer needing their sales to make a profit.

    when the revolution comes out in mid-next year, however, Nintendo will start selling all of their old games from the NES, SNES, GB, and GBC games for a small fee. note, they are only the Nintendo games like Zelda, and not Final Fantasy. But to this point, Nintendo isnt going to rely on these sales to generate a huge profit, thats what GC and ReV games are going to be for.

    oh yeah and small time game stores still sell SNES systems and the games. Chrono trigger cost me $54 to get for the SNES the other day....but its worth it! its a great game.

    about the GBA though, youre right in saying that Nintendo (as well as the game developers) are needing the game sales to make a profit and all, but the GBA is still being slowly replaced by the NDS i think. I use the GBA emulator, but im with p4ch3c0 i only play GBA games that I actually own. (it makes it easier, instead of lugging around the PSP and GBA, I just use the PSP) and if there is a game that i really want (like say... Minish Cap) ill buy it for the GBA.

    I really think that Sony wouldnt be releasing all of these security updates if people werent so bent on playing pirated UMDs.
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