Ok hello everyone im going to give you the easiest way to put ripped/downloaded mp3's from your computer into gta: lcs. Since my first post (http://www.psp-hacks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10519) providing the information given from the link I provided confused some people (including Fart_Sniffer). I bring you this mini guide it has no pictures since im new to posting I donít know how to add photos or else I would have added them.

So letís begin: First you need a program called Exact Audio Copy PSP Edition get it from this website http://www.mobiledeviant.com/forum/d...do=file&id=149 I give credit to NOSFERATU for the download.

Once youíve downloaded the program install then it will ask to re-boot do it, next open the program the best thing about the program is that it lets you use mp3ís already in your computer that is very good.

Then you will open the program click the button where it says EAC ok then go down to where it says convert mp3 music to hard disk ok. Click it then go to where you have your mp3ís choose one click open then it will say in a box select destination you should put them in the ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS folder. It will say file name will be ignored also it will save it as a .toc file no problem donít trip just rename the .toc extention to .gta its that easy even a complete noob can figure it out and the good thing is that its only one program.

Once youíve converted all the songs you want to put in your game put the ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS folder in the PSPíS save data folder and presto start the game turn on the custom tracks and enjoy.

Brought to you by Santiago Avalos member of psp-hacks.com