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Thread: Wireless Internet Browser for PSP is Crazy!!!

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    It is so awesome, i be roaming around my neighborhood while hitting the Scan button to find Access point that is none WPA Keys protected or anything and theirs like 5 or 6 of them pop up in every corner!!! lol, i even try to download a file from a random access point and it save into my memory stick!!! this is just too awesome... i know that you can use wireless internet on the PSP but i could never imagine that you could also use other people internet for free!!! Its like my whole neighborhood is a WiFi Hotspot area!

    hopefully, over here verizon is starting to ship out a bunch of wireless router for new DSL user so i guess i will have some more free upcoming hehe :Ds...

    so far, the most disavantage thing about the psp broswer is that you have to spend a lot of time on the keying in website address thingy... i hope they would come out with a mini-keyboard soon... and only a direct http download link will work, last of all, i hope they have some windows media player and flash support sooner or later...

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    It works a lot better with a laptop...good way to run torrents when you got a couple of networks around...

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