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Thread: Homebrew (White&Value) Vs. 2.5 (White&Giga)

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    I have found out that im going to be able to send my Ceramic White PSP which came as part of the Gigapack. The reason i am considering taking it back is the fact it came as Version 2.5 which meant that im not going to be able to play around with Homebrew.

    I can exchange it but unfortunately i dont think their is many White Giga Packs with Version 1.5 or 2.0 for that matter. What should i do? Keep the PSP i have at the moment and wait for a 2.5 downgrader or just exchange it for a White Value Pack?

    Please let me know, i cant make my mind up :(

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    ur never gonna get a 1.5 anymore, but u might end up with a 2.0 value pack. I say keep the 1gb mem stick tat came in the giga pack and trade the rest in for the value pack. they robably wont notice the small thign missing and if they do u say, "oh no! it must have fallen out somewhere!" lol

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