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    sorry but r there ne free servers that i could put on my comp so i could get RSS feed on it? i want something secure so only i could acess it but i also want something cheap and able to play rss feed through it.

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    hi, there are plenty of free servers (you mean web servers, right?)

    i spent an entire semester learning apache through a course. it's very
    good and well documented. however, it can be a bit hard to figure out
    if you don't have a good book or a good instructor teaching you.

    actually, just yesterday i was looking up server software because i
    wanted to install one up at work. i found the W3C official server,
    name Jigsaw. it was a snap to setup. it's written in Java too, so it
    can be moved from machine to machine pretty easily. i even got
    php up and running with minimal troubles. (most of the troubles
    were from php, not the web server). it took me much longer to do
    so using apache. here's the Jigsaw URL: download

    if you need any help setting up PHP or whatever, just let me know
    and i can try to guide you. there's also a decent FAQ on their site.
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