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Thread: 1.5 or 2.0? / UMD Loader or GTA?

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    Hey hey, got a question for you guys...

    Got my PSP in september, 1.52, waited for the downgrader to come out, when it fiiiiiiinally came, upgraded to 2.0 then downgraded down to 1.5. Enjoyed the kickass homebrew apps for a few months, and then gta comes out. Back to 2.0.

    Now that I got my 2gb mem stick for Xmas, I'm faced with the choice of sticking with 2.0 for gta and fanjitas awsome eboot loader, or downgrading back to 1.5, waiting for gta to be cracked, and being able to use umd loaders as well as easier capability of homebrew.

    What are peoples opinions?

    PS: I don't really wanna get into the habit of downgrading / upgrading hundreds of times, but how easy is it now to do so. Is it possible to keep and use the upgrading / downgrading stuff on the PSP at the same time, in order to use when on long trips n stuff, or is a PC required to swap everything over?

    Cheers in advance, never let this scene die out, everyones doing an amazin job.

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    no a pc isnt required, just up and downgrade the limit is in the hundreds of the time wen u brick
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