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Thread: My review of Logitech Playgear mod

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong category but it wouldnt let me post in the reviews section. BTW this is my first review of anything so any helpful advice would be nice.

    Logitech Playgear mod Headphones-
    First of all, I want to point out some of the pro's and con's of the headphones.
    PRO'S: VERY comfortable headphones.
    Interchangeable rubber ear fittings
    Very easy to replace the ear foam thingys.
    Long cord

    CON'S: Not very portable. i.e: Cant fit them easily in pocket or case.
    Not much better sound quality than the psp headphones from sony.
    Kinda obvious that you are listening to music. :8)

    Well, first of all, the part I like the most about these headphones is the fact that they have a longer cord than most so I can put on the mp3 player and put my psp in my pocket and still listen to music. They are very rugged headphones with water and sweat resistence. But overall, I give these headphones a 7/10 Definately an upgrade to the stock psp headphones.

    psp: >2.0 + 2.50 + 2.60 = I hate myself

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    Nice review - made my own though

    Sorry for your 2.6 though
    O well im 1.5 - Dam noobs

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