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Thread: Question about PSP NBA Live 06 Auto 1.52 firmware update

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    i've heard that live 06 updates ur firmware to 1.52 and i downloaded a psp but i was wondering if it would update my firmware and not allow me to use fastloader .07 to load it so i tried something with the iso i downloaded...

    i extracted the iso using winRAR and there was a folder called PSP_GAME and a file called UMD_DATA.BIN

    i opened PSP_GAME and saw 3 folders (.xvpics, SYSDIR, USRDIR)

    inside the SYSDIR folder there was an UPDATE folder

    inside the update folder was a DATA.BIN, EBOOT.BIN, and a PARAM.SFO

    i was wondering if anyone knew if this UPDATE folder was the firmware update and whether or not it would still work if i deleted it

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    yes. it's the update. yes, you can delete it if you really want to, but i'm playing a burnout ISO right now (traded someone for a 2.0 psp yesterday). burnout needs 1.5, and i'm running the ISO without a version faker

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