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Thread: Firmware 2.6

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    Hi All,

    I realize that there is no way of downgrading from the 2.6 firmware as of yet. I was hoping to start a thread whereby people can place down anything interesting that they have manged to get working on 2.6 which didnt involve getting a UMD.

    This would include games, movies and anything else that others might find interesting.

    I have recently upgraded to 2.6 (very dumb, didnt read anything before I bought it) and bought UMD's for Fifa 06, RAW06 and Spiderman 2 and none of them have really got me using the PSP yet. Its a great machine, but just seems very pricy to have anything on it that works!

    Any thoughts gents.... :?

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    i have the impression that the real fun begins once u dwngr to 1.5 otherwise like u said umds are too expensive to buy frequently
    Proud PSP owner FW 1.5 + Madcatz Stealth Case, Sony Battery Pack

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