Taken from www.pspupdates.qj.net

The men of the hour, Ditlew and our famous forum moderator Fanjita, have finally managed to find their Holy Grail (in this case, elusive PSP syscalls) in their quest to conquer 2.60 Firmware, and a new version of eLoader that will support 2.60 Firmware is going to be ready soon… very soon.

Thanks to a brainwave from Ditlew, we've had a breakthrough finding the v2.6 firmware syscalls, and we think we have about 90% of them figured out.

So this means, basically, that a version of the eLoader that works on v2.6 is really not very far away now. Woohoo!

While you’re waiting for the impending release, make sure to read up on how to make eLoader work in our eLoader Forum so you’ll be ready when the news breaks. Keep checking in here at PSPUpdates – we’ll bring you news of this historical event as soon as it happens, bringing homebrew to ALL PSP’s!