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Thread: Brown Ale.

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    Heres what I have to say...

    The new "Brown Ale" homebrew application for the PSP now supports TIFF launch methods as you can read below... The fact that TIFF methods are now avaliable to use on the PSP, could this lead to a 2.01+ downgrader?

    I'm not a noob with PSP's as you can tell from the amount of posts I have made on the forums. Please Don't flame at me if I'm wrong about this.

    The "overflow.tiff" was the main part of the 2.0 - 1.5 downgrade. But then sony made it so the PSP couldn't read TIFF on 2.01+ PSP's.

    Hmmm. What do you think?


    * Integrated release, supporting both >>>>TIFF<<<< and GTA launch methods
    * Automatic installer for Windows users
    * Stable support for all v2.0+ firmwares - no more special voodoo required to improve reliability
    * More memory for applications
    * Lots of bug fixes
    * And the much requested support for PSP-GBA

    Now all users on 2.0+ can enjoy the same homebrew compatibility! Please note you will require a copy of the GTA:LCS UMD to be present in the drive.

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    it's just the 2.0 loader and a better 2.6 loader all in one package. 2.6's use the gta method, 2.0's use the tiff exploit.

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