okay, as most of you know. my previous account (ura E.L. fudge packer) which i shared with my 14 year old little brother seth, was recently banned due the the incredible amount of racism mentioned in several posts. only 3 that i know of. but theyre may be more. so, to officially apologize to every 1 that was or was not offended. i am making this topic. feel free to post any opinions you have about this. as well as any suggestions for punishment....i like to unscrew the skrews on his desk chair...=P. so you know, talk about anything. and again i am deeply sorry for all that was said.


BREAKING NEWS: immediatly after i made this post i decided that i havent punished him lately. and since when i made the account i clicked on. "remember me on this computer" my own personal computer can no longer access psp-hacks.com. so now i have to use the family computer...so to further my progress of revenge. i sloshed his toothbrush around in the toilete...heh heh. im gross...it was clean water tho lol..freshy flushed. lol i dont wanna kill him....or do i??



i searched for all posts made on my previous account. and i have made sure that this (general) forum was the only forum that the dumass posted on. so MODS, PLEASE DONT MOVE THIS TOPIC JUST YET. I WANT EVERY 1 WHO USUALLY VIEWS THIS GENERAL FORUM TO READ THIS. TO ENSURE THAN EVERY 1 GETS MY APOLOGY. THANK YOU.