The PSPBrew Beta PackGen is a completely web-based solution to easily load your PSP with all the best homebrew to date. The PackGen is located on a web page which lets you select homebrew from an extensive list of programs, select your firmware version, choose whether or not to hide corrupts, and then finally package them all in either a zip file or .exe in ready-to-use format. Installation is easy! Simply extract the zip to your memory stick root (ms0:/) or run the exe and choose the letter of your PSP's drive. If you choose 2.0 firmware, eLoader will be auto-installed on your system, making firmware on 2.x easier than ever before.

At this time, it is in beta form, but all the files should work flawlessly on 1.0 and 1.5. 2.x however is a different story in that regard. We have done our best to label all the homebrew that does not work on 2.x, and in the final release we will make all non-working 2.x homebrew unchoosable when you select your firmware as being 2.0. It would still be great however if people with 2.x were willing to report to us any homebrew that did not work on their system, as we labeled the non-working ones purely out of knowlege, as we dont have any 2.0 PSPs to work with. Thanks in advance for your support, and enjoy the Beta PackGen - located in the BrewMenu! Special thanks goes out to Birdman and Skelator03 for helping load up the generator!

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