Can someone please download this from my IP is banned for some reasion, it can play Breath of Fire 3 with save!!

Update: Booster has now updated to PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.41 which, according to a rough translation, appears to include full 2.50 Firmware support (you don't have to replace that reboot.bin file from 2.00 to 2.50) now! He has also shared PSP NAND Flash Dumper v1.01 today with us!

PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.40 A nice way to start out the new week- today Booster has released PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.40. It includes a DevHook v0.40 Firmware Installer (essentially PSAR Dumper v0.2B For PSP) and redirects flash access to the PSP Memory Stick. For those who are interested, a v0.40 FULL version is also available which includes the required PSP FW files.

Current new PSP titles now compatible/working include:

* Breath Of Fire 3 (with Save working)
* Capcom Collection WiFi (with 2.0 PRX files)
* GTA Multi-Player WiFi (no errors now, from iSO and UMD- remember you're not using your flash1 setting, so you'll have to make a new connection)
* FIFA Street
* FIFA Street 2
* Fight Night (remove update, and compress to CSO format via CiSO v1.00- you can leave it as .cso too, no need to rename back to .iso)
* Gottlieb Pinball Classics
* Initial D: Street Stage
* MX vs ATV: Unleashed (with Save working and Sound)
* NeoPets, Pinball: Hall Of Fame
* SOCOM (New Campaign Mode and Save now work)
* Street Fighter Alpha 3 WiFi (with Save working)
* Street Riders
* The Sims (with Save working)
* Vulcanus: Seek And Destroy

All of the above games tested using the same settings as follows: UMD Select: Select Your iSO File, UMD Mount: ISO ANYUMD (set it), Firmware: 2.50+2.00 (set it), Boot Select: Reboot XMB (set it), UMD Version: 2.XX -> 2.00 (set it, or you will get a 2.6 error), and CPU Clock: 333 MHz / 166 MHz. As always, for the latest information please check our PSP Compatibility List and also the PSP Chat Forum.

Finally, try this one: If you have more than one iSO on your Memory Stick, start emulating the Firmware and go to the UMD Icon under GAME. Your selected iSO should appear now (like you've done before). Now, press HOME + R-Trigger.. and the next iSO will be selected and shown as UMD. Pressing HOME +L-Trigger selects the other iSO. Cool feature, and more to come soon!
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