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    I made this small, lighweight shell and uploaded it at lots of place. Here:

    Here are my comments:

    Thanks to Dev Hook I can now use the 2.5 browser on my 1.5. It has
    been very good. But I did not want to have to input all of the
    addresses I wanted and the other shells take waay to long to load and
    are basically links with pictures. So, I decided to make a very
    lightweight shell that has only important things and not a lot of
    flashy pictures that have no real use other than to fill your memory
    up (Shell developers: I dont like any loading time when I open it
    up.). This is basically a compilation of diffrent links so that you
    can browse the web much faster. Besides, its less that 10KB.

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    Nice, but needs some work maybe try adding graphics and some flash games 2.7ers.

    iv been working on my own portal but i wont realese it cuz theres already a bunch of em.

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    i hate portals

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