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Thread: something wierd just happend!

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    ok here's the thing I have a "fake" 2GB sony memory stick, and whenever I tried devhook it always shuts down without restarting, so my only chance to play the new games is use the swap method with my 32mb original sony stick, but just today ive downloaded breath of fire 3 to try it, the file was Breath Of Fire 3 [WORKING][EUR][PSP], It had this costum boot inside, and I already had the Loco Roco game in my ISO folder as well, so ive extracted breath of fire and the costum eboot thing and put in my memory stick, I opened my psp to see if the game will load, my psp actualy RESTARTED! but the only problem is... IT LOADED THE LOCO ROCO GAME!!! not the breath of fire!!! i was surprised that my psp restarted and loaded the other ISO.
    anyone know why this happend, or maybe there is actualy a way to fix this thing for those who have the "fake memory sticks"

    P.S: I also have the devhook loader inside, and I played loco roco just before trying Breath of Fire 3, but with the swap method.

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    my sony loaded DBZ once, and only once. every other time it turned my psp off.
    only time it loaded was when another homebrew program I had caused an error on my psp.

    then dbz worked, until i tried changing iso via xmb..

    least i got my sandisk. heh
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    Well, just don't have the UMD in the drive and it won't load any game, then in the XMB press L or R trigger+the HOME button to switch ISOs
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