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Thread: different versions of white psps: any difference?

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    i'm considering getting a white psp. while looking at i noticed they have 2 different white psp value packs. they're identical in content; the only difference is one is a Japan white (PSP-1000 KCW) and the other is an Asia white version (PSP-1006KCW). is there any difference between the two, such as one having a better/brighter screen, etc? additionally, are there any other white versions that are better (uk)?

    lastly, 1) i wanted to verify that a psp regardless of it's origin (usa, japan, uk, asia) will still be able to display the interface in english, 2) will be able to play any umd games i buy in the USA, and 3) will the 'X' and 'O' buttons be reversed on any of the foreign versions (like japan and asia)? i remember reading about those issues before but i haven't followed the psp scene too closely for some time so i would appreciate if someone can confirm that.

    the 2 different white psps i saw at playasia:

    thank you for any help! much appreciated.


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    Go with this one PSP PlayStation Portable Value Pack - Ceramic White (PSP-1000 KCW).

    1000 KCW I know can be downgraded if its a 2.00 or lower, or a non ta-82 motherboard.
    As for 1006 Im not sure about even if it being a 2.00 if you could downgrade.

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