Yeah this is the wrong forum for this but I'm trying to convert this thing to MP4 so it's PSP related kinda...

Well I got this movie (Uzumaki) I'm trying to hardcode the subtitles into the AVI so I can then recode it to a MP4.

whats going wrong is: I used VirtualDUB/VOBSUB filter and the subtitles were hardcoded PERFECTLY. The only problem I got is now the AUDIO is all fucked up.

I googled my ass off and the only result I got was to adjust it during playback in windows media player classic. I adjusted to 3500ms audio so it skips ahead 3500ms and it'd playback fine and looked like I got it PERFECT but then it ended up fucking up on the next scene.

Did anybody else get this problem or is there another way to hardcode subtitles into a AVI that I might get less fucked up results from? well thanks for any feedback..

EDIT: I'm downloadin the trial version of "NERO RECODE" right now if this shit don't work I'ma be PISSED. It took me 3 WHOLE DAYS to download this movie off a torrent, then 5 hours to recode it with subtitles, now I'm still working on it... damn!