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    Hi all,
    I joined EDITED yesterday $37.00 to get all the downloads you want. Great reviews etc. Question when you go on there site you see all of these great games all with the download button enabled you click on it and it says you have to be registered. You log in and go back to it and it still says you have to be registered. You then download the btitterent software and try and find a game you want and then it takes all day to download and you have to string it all together once done. Am I missing something here should it not be easier to sort. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :(

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    That sites a con, you can get torrent software for free and there are plenty of torrent sites out there. Some torrents do take a while to download thats normal. The files you downloaded are split rar files you need winrar to extract them. :sigh:

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