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    I'm am expanding the DevHook Ultimate Installer Site. will from now onward be PSP-HaXors (

    I've been having an average of 2000+ hits a day, and figure just having the installer won't cut it.

    So I am expanding it to a PSP News site, similar to PSP-Hacks, or PSP Updates.

    If you are interested in posting PSP Hacking news and updates, Let me know either by PM, posting bellow, or Email (

    The Forums have also now just opened.

    Depending on the about of members, I may also be requiring Mods in the future.

    When posting your application, including your timezone helps as well.

    This site is not competing in anyway with other PSP News sites, but is merely covering the news as well.

    The original post from PSP-HaXors is bellow.

    The DevHook Ultimate Installer Website has now been expanded.

    PSP-HaXors will now cover the PSP Scene with News, Homebrew, Apps, Updates and more.

    PSP-HaXors is now looking for bloggers, people willing to post new PSP News and information.

    You can send your applications to me via Email at


    I hope the current supporters of the site will continue to stay with us, and help to expand the site.

    PSP-HaXors will remain the home of the DevHook Ultimate Installer. PSP-HaXors will now feature around-the-clock PSP Coverage.

    We will also be adding a new file server, which will host all the PSP downloads.

    Questions or concerns can be answered via Email, or in the comments.


    Thank You. And I hope for your continued support as I help to expand the site..

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    As much of my time online that I dedicate to checking for new things going on in the PSP world, I got nothing better to do!

    I'm in US Central time zone, but I pull regular late nights and get up early so the only time I wouldn't be checking for new PSP info is when I'm actually sleeping or when I'm at school. I check all the big PSP sites at least a dozen times a day each, so I know what comes out when.

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    i just sent u a pm :)

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