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Thread: DevHook loading iso through irshell WIFI connection

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    OK, I'm a noob but, I've got the following suggestion to the author's of DevHook.
    I'm running a 1.5 with devhook gui and irshell 2.2

    I've been trying to load iso's off the pc with devhook through wifi. Alas, I've been unsuccessful. But in my many failures, I've noticed something that can be exploited.

    If you set up the wifi connection through irshell (2.2) without hitting the redirect, you can still access mp3 files through the nethost directory. Also, devhook will load and run without freezing. All devhook needs to do is make a modification that allows devhook to look for iso's through nethost directory (assuming it's a mirror). This would enable all of us wifi whiners to access our iso's without devhook freezing.

    Any comments?

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    Even if it worked I think it would be either very laggy
    It will take a long time to load...
    Or maybe both...
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    I don't got wifi access nemore or else i'd probally of tried getting this to work. i dunno how irshell can make it work or how to do it because when u load devhook and the emulated fw i thought the irshell stuff would be reset.

    i think if it worked it'd probally be sweet tho cause loading them thru USB isnt too bad. the only games that were too laggy to be played thru usb that i found so far were parts of the finder love series and the mini games in the sims werent in sync but u could still play it

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    it makes my head hurt thinking of all the various reasons that this would fail, but if you dont try then you wont succeed so good luck with it
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