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Thread: 2.71 SE upgrade/hack immunity

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    I was just thinking that as DAX mentioned in the readme for 2.71SE it has been setup with a custom error message if you try to use an updater by accident or whatever to a newer firmware thereby preventing the upgrade.

    Do you think that this would stop these "virus" type programs that are crawling the net which attempt to brick your PSP?

    Would be kinda cool if it does

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    no man

    the virus's yer talkin about are just programs that write to flash and fuk up essential files that yer psp needs to either boot or work

    the custom error is to stop any sce updates from runnin (those are official ones btw ;))

    basically if ya wonna play it safe only use homebrew thats been around for a while or ones that ya trust
    ive never used a piece of homebrew thats come from a source i dont know or what has not been reported to work by multiply sites/people

    there is also a program ya can use to scan if a piece o homebrew is set to write to flash or not
    but i cant for the life of me remember what it is

    nice hoff matey :)

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