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Thread: Read Before Posting: A guide to the PSP-Hacks forums

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    Howdy All!

    It's your friendly nieghborhood Iceman here.

    I've noticed that there are a LOT of new guys and gals coming into these forums every day. With all of these new people, and the constantly changing PSP development scene, it isn't too hard to get confused. Of course, when you get confused, you ask. More often than not, the people who have been here for a while get annoyed with the same questions being asked time after time, and can be pretty harsh to new guys.

    So here is a guide to find your way around the forums, and to avoid getting flamed (A.K.A- Insulted) by other forum members.

    First.. you might be new to these forums. Heck, this might be the first forum you've ever signed up to. For this reason, there are a few 'guidelines' that most forum users go by on any forum, even though it is not written in the rules.
    1. Caps lock. Do not, under any circumstances, type in ALL CAPS. It's just annoying, and most likely, noone will pay attention, or they will make fun of you for it.

    2. Smilies. The occasional smiley is fine, but don't put 5 or 6 of them at the end of your post. Those are just as annoying as caps lock, and don't add anything to your post. A simple "Thanks :)" is fine.

    3. Internet lingo. This applies to anyone here. Don't type your posts in "lolzomg I want to know about <|ev|-|00k lololol". That's just stupid, and it's difficult to read. Type your posts in coherent english. If English is not a primary language of yours, put that in the top of your post, something like "Sorry, my English isn't so good, but..."

    4. The search engine. At the top of the page, there is a bar that says "Index User List Rules.." ect. In that same bar, there is a link that says "Search". Use this before you post. It will allow you to see if your question has already been asked, and will probably save you from flaming if it has. There is a possibility that it hasn't been asked. In this case, go ahead, but be sure to post in the correct forum, which will be described below.

    5. Don't act tough. It's simple. This is the internet. Fighting on the internet is just stupid. So don't act tough, act civil. Calling someone a cockfag just makes you look like more of an idiot, so don't do it. If someone annoyed you, just don't say anything, it'll work out better for you that way.

    6. Flaming/Insulting. If you break any of the above rules, expect to be flamed. If you want to have any sort of respect remaining, DO NOT flame back. Just say "Hey, I'm sorry." People will probably realize you are a half-decent person, and will probably forgive you.

    PSP-Hacks specific information

    This forum is about the PSP, games, and hacks. It IS NOT about piracy, ISO's, warez, or anything else of that nature. Discussions about how to obtain ISO's or any other pirated software is forbidden by forum rules, and most, if not all, of our users acknowlage this. Asking about where to find ISO's will most likely get you flamed, then banned.
    Note: Asking about what is used to run them IS NOT against the rules, though ISO's in any form, whether downloaded or dumped from a UMD you own, is illegal.

    Topic name choices. Be sure to choose the right one. A thread called "2.8 downgrader" is misleading, as it is most likely NOT about a 2.8 downgrader that has been made, and is instead about whether or not one exists. Choose a topic name like "Question about 2.8 downgrader".

    Tutorials. Before you ask about how to do something, check the tutorial section threads, and use the search engine. It is more than likely you will find an in depth tutorial on what you need to know.

    Polls - Usually, these are never needed, so don't post them. They just spam up the forums, and don't add anything.

    A bug in the PSP-Hacks forums - Every now and then, when someone posts, the forum will post their topic/post 4 or so times. Give it some time, and it'll go away on it's own.

    Downgrader ideas - Just don't. Unless you're a major time PSP coder, you most likely don't know what you're talking about, and it's been suggusted 1000's of times before. So don't.

    There are a few things that show up a lot that people get annoyed with. This includes downgrader ideas, ISO loader ideas, homebrew ideas, and just general hacking ideas from people who they have never heard of before. Unless you're a major time PSP coder, you probably don't know what you're talking about. Leave the homebrew, ISO loading, and downgrading ideas to the developers.

    Posting in the wrong forum is very annoying. This happens on just about any forum, but it is a major problem here. Below, I will define how to choose the correct forum for your question, to avoid getting flamed.

    Tutorials - Most people cannot post in here. This is a forum with TONS of tutorials that will cover everything you want to know about how to do something on a PSP. Check here before asking about how to do something.

    Help - If you can't figure out how to do something, or if you don't understand, post here. This is for all topics asking for help on something, whether you don't understand a tutorial, or you can't find a topic already covering your question. If you have a question to ask, this is the ONLY forum to post it in. No matter what, do NOT post help topics anywhere else

    General - This is for general PSP discussion. Not for help. Not for downgrader ideas. This forum is for stuff that doesn't fit into the other catigories.

    Hacks, Cracks, & Mods - This is the most abused section of the forums. A lot of people post here because it's very active. Many, many topics are posted here that don't belong. This forum is for if you discover a new hack, crack or mod, whether you found it, or you found news about it on another site. Do not post "My PSP bricked" "I need a downgrader" or anything else related to that here. This forum is for NEWS about the various hacks for PSP, not for help on hacks. That's what the help section is for.

    Tips & Tricks - If you found a way to prevent your PSP from freezing at a certain point, or a way to convert movies to watch easier, or something to that effect, this is where you post it.

    Hardware - Discuss the PSP hardware here. From motherboards, to processor specs, to the screen size, this is where stuff like that goes.

    Games - This is for UMD games. Whether you want to review a game, or look for a review of a game, this is where you look.

    Homebrew - This is for those looking for a homebrew game, looking for what the hot homebrew game is, or what people think of certain homebrew, or even if you'd like to see a certain homebrew created, this is where you post.

    Multimedia - This is for the LEGAL discussion of movies, videos, pictures, music, ect. Remember, this is for the discussion of LEGAL CD music, not "go download this from a site" music.

    Reviews - Like with the Games catigory, you can look here for reviews on topics. Usually, they are all PSP related, though you may find reviews on other games, or products unrelated to the PSP.

    PSP Customization Section - This section is for the discussion of various ways to customize your PSP. From gameboots (the movie that plays when you select a game) to bootsounds (the sound your PSP makes when it starts), that is what this section is for. Do not mess with this stuff unless you know what you're doing, as you can brick, or break, your PSP if you mess up. You can find information on these topics by looking through the tutorials section.

    Other Section - The forum sections here are self explanitory. If you're looking for help with your PSP, this is the wrong place to look. The PSP help sections, I have outlined in detail above.

    The community here is very harsh on those who cannot follow the rules, and cannot follow the unspoken rules that I posted above. So read them, and you will have a great time here at PSP-Hacks.

    And that about covers your introduction to the PSP hacks forums. Welcome, and have a good time!


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    nice guide of rules. We already have some stuff, but Ill sticky this cuz you can never have enough topics on the top of the page that say "NOOBS LOOK HERE FIRST!!" :lol:

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    Nice guide ;)

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    I doff my cap to thee.
    Ваше будущее умирает сегодня.

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