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Thread: 2.71 SE-B NOUMD Compatibility Thread

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    here is a list of ISO's I have tested on DA's 271 SE-B2 using the NO-UMD mode. The iso's are compressed in CSO format on compression level 9, and are all loaded from memorystick. It's kinda a pain in the x to keep filling the memorystick with games, but someone has to do it I guess. Hopefully 271SE-C will have iso's from network shares support.

    Anyway, the games are run without a UMD in the drive (I could put one in, but hey this is why DA released SE-B2 a day after SE-B). Anyways, all games are run untill I could actually move in the game.
    I got only a few iso's so it might take a while to get them all done.

    Most of the games below that dont work should work with a UMD in the drive.

    SE-C Requests:
    1. Map network share from computer to ISO folder on PSP
    2. Small flashapp that saves/restores psp settings (name, timezone, network setup) for after wipe/reinstall firmware
    3. Format Memstick will put in GAME150 folder and ISO folder (lazyness)
    4. 2.80 video folder support.

    SE-B3 (AKA B'') (only the ones tested that do not work with B2)

    50 Cent Bulletproof : No, Freezes, Black screen then shutdown

    *Avatar Last Airbender : No, freezes at Nick screen, then reboots psp
    *ATV Offroad Fury Blazing Trails : No, Freezes as Game Logo, then shuts down PSP
    *ATV Offroad Fury Pro : No, Black screen then shuts down psp
    *Astonisha Story : No, blackscreen, memstick light, then shuts off psp
    Ape Escape : Yes

    Bubble Bobble Evolution : Yes
    *Burnout Legends : No, loading screen bar moves really slow, no memsticklight, loading bar freezes at about 80%

    *CMcRae Rally 2005 : No, Black screen, does NOT shutdown/reboot PSP

    *Family Guy : No, Black screen, then shuts down psp
    Fish Eyes Portable: Yes
    Field Commander : Yes
    GTA LCS : Yes (doesnt close using home)
    GTA VCS (pspstick) : Yes
    GTA VCS (psy) : Yes (cool)

    Lord of the Rings Tactics : Yes

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance : Yes (super cool, thx DA)
    Metal Gear Acid 1 : Yes
    *Metal Gear Acid 2 : no, black screen does NOT reboot or turn off PSP

    NFL Street 2 Unleashed : Yes
    NBA 2007 : Yes
    Open Season : Yes

    *Pilot Academy : No, freezes when selecting mission (lessons>takeoff) then shuts off psp
    Practical IQ : Yes

    Smackdown vs Raw 2006 : Yes
    Snoopy vs Red Baron : Yes
    Splintercell Essentials : Yes
    Space Invaders Evolution: Yes
    *Stacked: No, Locks when hitting DONE after putting in name for new player. Shuts off PSP
    Streetfighter Alpha 3 Max: Yes

    Tales of Eternia: Yes
    Twisted Metal Head-on: Yes

    *Viewtifull Joe: No, Loads, but after starting, it loads (4) but at (3) it freezes
    Virtua Tennis : Yes


    SE-B2 (AKA B')

    *50 Cent Bulletproof : No

    Ace Combat X: Yes
    *ATV Blazing Trails :No, Freezes PSP Black screen
    *ATV offroad Fury Pro : No
    *Astonisha Story : No, Freezes PSP Black screen
    Armored Core : Yes
    *Ape Escape : No, Freezes PSP Black screen
    Ape Acad.: Yes
    *Avatar Last Airbender : No, Freezes at loadingscreen, shuts off psp

    Bounty Hounds : Yes
    B-Boy : Yes
    Bomberman : Yes
    Blade Dancer: Yes
    Breath of Fire 3 : Yes
    *Burnout Legends : No, Freezes PSP Black screen
    *Bubble Bobble Evolution : No, Freezes at loading screen starting game

    Capcom Classics : Yes
    Cars : Yes
    Coded Arms : Yes
    *CMcRae Rally : No

    Death Jr : Yes
    Dead to Rights Rec. : Yes
    Daxter : Yes
    Darkstalkers Ch: Yes
    Dynasty Warriors 2 : Yes
    Dragonbal Z SB: Yes

    Every Extend Extra : Yes

    f1 2006 : Yes
    *Field Commander : No
    frantix : Yes
    *familyguy : No
    fight night r3 : Yes
    *fish eye portable : No
    from russia with love : Yes
    Ford Bold Moves : Yes

    gangs of london : Yes
    generation of chaos : Yes
    ghost in the shell : Yes
    go-sudoku : Yes
    gradius collection : Yes
    Gripshift : Yes
    *GTA LCS : No
    Guilty Gear XX : Yes
    *Gun Showdown : No
    Gotlieb Pinball Classics : Yes

    GTA Vice City Stories (psy 271) : No (with UMD No) (DH+271dump Yes)
    GTA Vice City Stories (pspstick 281) : No (with UMD No) (DH+271dump Yes)

    Harry Potter 4: Yes
    Hot Shots Open Tee Golf : Yes

    Infected : Yes

    Juiced Eliminator : Yes

    Killzone Liberation : Yes
    King Kong : Yes
    Kingdom of Paradise : Yes

    Lemmings : Yes
    Legends of Heroes : Yes
    Legends of Heroes 2 : Yes
    Lego Star Wars 2 : Yes
    *Lord of the Rings Tactics : No
    Lumines : Yes
    Loco Roco : Yes

    Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects : Yes
    *Marvel Ultimate Al. : No stays at loadingscreen (with UMD same problem)
    Madden 07 : Yes
    Medievil Resurection : Yes
    Megaman Powered Up: Yes
    Mercury 1 : Yes
    Mercury 2 Meltdown : Yes
    Me and My Katamari : Yes
    Medal of Honor: Yes
    *Metal Gear Acid 1: No
    *Metal Gear Acid 2: No
    Metal Gear Graphic Novel: Yes
    Miami Vice : Yes
    Midway Arcade Extended Play : Yes
    Midnight Club 3 : Yes
    Micro Machines v4: Yes
    Monster Hunter Freedom : Yes (does give fails to load error if no profile is found, but still loads)

    Need for Speed Carbon : Yes
    Need for Speed Most Wanted : Yes
    Need for Speed Underground Rivals : Yes
    Neopets : Yes
    *NFL Street 2 : No
    NBA 07 : No

    Outrun : Yes
    *Open Season : No

    *Pilot Acad. No, Stays loading
    PowerStone: Yes
    Pacman World Rally : Yes
    Payout Poker Casino: Yes
    Pinball (Hudson): Yes
    Pirates of the Caribbean.: Yes
    PocketRacers : Yes
    Popo Lo Crois : Yes
    *Practical IQ : No
    Pursuit Forse : Yes
    Prince of Persia : Yes

    Rengoku 2 : Yes
    Rapala Trophies : Yes
    Ridge Racer 1 : Yes
    Ridge Racer 2 : Yes

    Spectral Souls : Yes
    Scooby Doo : Yes
    Samurai Warriors State of War : Yes
    *Smackdown vs Raw 2006 : No, stays loading after entrances when loading arena for game
    *Snoopy vs Red Baron : No
    Socom 1 : Yes
    *Splinter Cell essentials : No
    Spiderman 2 : Yes
    *Space Invaders Evolution : No
    Stacked : No
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 : Yes
    *Streetfighter Alpha 3 Max : No
    Street Riders : Yes
    Street Supremacy : Yes
    Sudoku Carol Vorderman : Yes
    Syphon Filter : Yes
    Super Monkey Ball Adventure : Yes
    Scarface Money Power Respect : Yes

    Tekken Dark Resurection : Yes
    The Sims 2 : Yes (doesnt shutdown properly)
    *Tales of Eternia : No Game could not be started
    Tenchu Time of the Assasins : Yes
    The Godfather Mob Wars : Yes
    The Con : Yes
    Talkman : Yes
    Toca Racedriver 2: Yes
    Tiger Woods 06 : Yes
    Tiger Woods 07 : Yes
    Tokobot : Yes
    Tombraider Legends : Yes
    Tony Hawk U2 Remix : Yes
    Twisted Metal Head On : No

    Ultimate Block Party : Yes
    Ultimate Ghost & Goblins : Yes
    Ultraman : Yes
    Untold Legends Brotherhood : Yes
    Untold Legends Warriors Code : Yes

    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth : Yes
    Vampire Chronicles Chaos Tower : Yes
    *Viewtifull Joe : No (Game could not be started)
    *Virtua Tennis : No (goes back to XMB)

    WipeOut Pure : Yes
    Worms : Yes
    Work Time Fun : Yes

    (142 so far)

    From posts below:

    *GTA LCS No (with NOUMD disabled Yes)

    IQ+ - Works

    Lego Star Wars: Yes

    Gundam Battle Royal : Yes
    Gundam Battle Tactics : Yes

    Marvel Ultimate Alicance: No (with SE-B with umd yes, SE-B2 no-umd no)

    Puyo Pop Fever - Crashes on Load screen

    Ridge Racer 2 - Works

    Sponge Bob Yellow Avenger - Works
    Super Monkey Ball - Works
    Spiderman 2 - Works
    Soukyuu no Fafner : Yes
    Scarface : Yes
    *Streetfighter Alpha : No/Yes (rip not, full yes?)

    Twisted Metal - Black screen - Locks up

    Worms : Yes

    Note, the testing has been done WITHOUT UMD, the ones that dont work will most likely work with a UMD

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    Scarface money power respct works

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    Gundam Battle Royal
    Gundam Battle Tactics
    Soukyuu no Fafner
    All work

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    Ahhhh, MArvel Ultimate Alliance is not working either! Well guess I have to wait for it & get to work!

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    Killzone:Liberation working fine, lego star wars the origanal triligy as well, all work

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 hangs on a black screen.

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    ATV Off Road Fury Pro: Freezes.

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance (CSO) works for me though. I'm just using SE-B and not SE-B'

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