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Thread: 1.5 vs 2.71SE-B

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    here you stop asking about what to do with your 1.5 PSP´S

    Firmware 1.5
    +All 1.x Homebrew runs with no compatibility issues
    +All 2.x Homebrew runs with no compatibility issues (via DevHook)
    +More support for customization tools
    +Almost all ISOs run (via DevHook)
    +Customize emulated 2.71 emulated firmware without the risk of bricking your PSP
    +Directly Boot any homebrew
    +Recovery Menu to prevent Soft-Bricks (Custom Firmware)
    +Skip autoboot UMD (Custom Firmware)(Also skips boot splash screen)
    +Hide Corrupt Icons (Custom Firmware)
    +Run non-kxploited Homebrew (Custom Firmware)
    +Load PRXs from the Memory Stick at boot (Custom Firmware)
    +Doesn't VOID your Sony warranty if you DO NOT install the Custom Firmware (Unless they can PROVE your ran homebrew, then they would void your warranty)
    -Does VOID your Sony warrantly (only applys to current psp systems since they will know its firmware version by the serial number, not to US/JPN Launch systems)
    -Memory Stick Corruption issues with emulated firmwares
    -Speed decrease by emulating firmware from memory stick
    -Requires UMD for emulation (via DevHook)
    -Must browse ISOs with shortcut keys one at a time via emulated XMB
    -Must restart DevHook to run a UMD via DevHook 2.71 Emulation

    Firmware 2.71 SE-B'' (B3)
    +Runs almost all 1.x Hombrew (does not need to be kxploited to run)
    +Runs all 2.x (PRX) Homebrew
    +Run UMD or ISO without having to restart
    +Runs newer UMD games directly (SE'' if it does not require 2.8x kernal features)
    +Run games with plainprx files (SE'' this is working correctly)
    +All Games load in Devhook when using 271F if systemctrl_dh4se.prx is not loaded (not sure with the SE'' version if it has fixed these issues)
    +Runs almost all ISOs (DevHook via MemStick emulation has better compatibility)
    +Some ISOs that do not work in DevHook properly now work (Ex. bost-a-move)
    +Runs a large number of ISOs with no UMD
    +Skip autoboot UMD (Also skips boot splash screen)
    +Hide Corrupt Icons
    +Run non-kxploited Homebrew
    +Firmware performs faster (Browser, RSS, Games)(Because it's stored on FLASH0)
    +No known memory stick corruption issues
    +Browse ISOs via the Game Menu in the XMB
    +Recovery Menu to avoid Soft-Bricks
    -Compatibility Issues with SOME 1.5 Homebrew
    -Not all ISOs work with built in Emulation
    -Not all ISOs work with DevHook if DevHook is using FLASH0 for emulation of 2.71
    -Some have issues with it not functioning properly (CAN be fixed by flashing a working 2.71 FLASH1 used with DevHook previously)
    -Uses up more space on FLASH0 (Altho this should not be an issue, as it is not full)
    -If you change your boot screen then run an update it MAY Soft-Brick your PSP (this is because of the limited room in FLASH0)
    -Must flash FLASH0 to customize, not as many tools to support this
    -VOIDs your Sony warranty if it bricks
    -skip startup splash screen

    now just give me one reason to stay at 1.5..if you really need to have 1.5 you can just use the recovery menu and go back to 1.5

    My Psp = Up Chip FW 2.82 + Dax 2.71 Se-b3 on PSP
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    My contribution:


    1.0 and 1.50 Homebrew
    Have to run DevHook to have 2.71
    DevHook firmware files taken off memory stick.
    Has custom gameboots, Custom Fonts, no SCE intro and hide corrupt icons options; with Custom firmwares.
    Recovery Mode.
    Load PRX ability, Shortcut to Eboot, and launch DevHook via WLAN switch.
    To run a newer UMD you need to run DevHook.


    # Load ISOs and CSOs from the Game menu without DevHook!
    # Run 1.0, 1.50 and 2.71 homebrew.
    # Custom gameboots, Custom Fonts, no SCE intro and hide corrupt icons options.
    # Load Eboot at startup.
    # All of 2.71 features (Web Browser, RSS, WMA, etc)
    # Recovery Mode
    # Enable/disable the noplainmodulecheck patch in UMDs/ISOs
    # Force the use of boot.bin in UMDs.
    # Built-in ISO/CSO support. The ISO/CSO in the “ms0:/ISO/” folder will display in the game menu. At this time an UMD has to be in the drive;
    # Ability to set the “ms0:/PSP/GAME/” folder for 1.50 kernel homebrews and “ms0:/PSP/GAME271/” for 2.71 homebrew (this is optional);
    # Ability to run an EBOOT at startup;
    # Some game compatibility issues were fixed;
    # Ability to force the use of boot.bin in UMDs;
    # Ability to enable/disable the noplainmodulecheck patch in UMDs/ISOs (for advanced users);
    # 1.00/1.50 Eboot support (both kernel and user mode).
    # 2.71 Eboot support (both kernel and user mode).
    # Runs on 2.71 VSH.
    # Ability to run Devhook (both 1.50 and 2.71 versions are fully compatible).
    # Ability to run all 2.71 (and lower UMDs).
    # 1.00/1.50 prx executable support.
    # Support both KXploited and unpatched eboots for 1.50 kernel.
    # Support any 2.71 homebrew coded for HEN C.
    # Compatibility is 100% for 2.71 homebrew and approx 99% for 1.00/1.50 homebrew.
    # Recovery mode.

    SE-B is only a second longer to load, which isn't noticable.
    It will only lag when you change the ISO folder.
    SE plays both UMDs and ISOs without the need for a UMD in the drive, or the need to run DevHook.
    The new IR Shell is SE compatible, plus you can find the fixed version anywhere (eg:
    You can still run the EXACT SAME version of DevHook that 1.50.
    That includes using USB versions like the GUI Mod to play ISOs through USB.
    Games can be launched straight from the Game menu.
    SCE intro can be turned off like 1.50 Custom.
    Hide Corrupt Icons can be turned on the sames as 1.50.
    Still have custom backgrounds, custom gameboots, custom fonts, custom menu names, no waves, flash different background for each month, custom bootsounds, etc.
    Ability to use plain ISO/UMD modules, which 1.50 can't.
    Ability to flash the pspbtcnf.txt/pspbtcnf_game.txt for both 1.50 and SE-B, so YES ZiNgABuRgA. PRX loading is possible on 2.71! It's just not to be used by newbs. (Universal Module Installer)
    We already have the 2.71 SE VSH USB Module, GTA Cheat Device PRX and the USB CamPRX. If you know what you are doing, you can load your own PRX files.
    The Web Browser is faster then if emulated with DevHook. ISOs also have less lag than DevHook.
    That said, on 1.50, you have to load DevHook to have 2.71 and it's features, then go back to 1.50 to play homebrew, then back to 2.71 to play UMDs/ISOs again!
    SE doesn't need to go back cause it can load homebrew on 2.71. You can switch from ISOs to UMD instantly, without the need to switch settings.
    Without a Mod on DevHook, you must exit 2.71 back to 1.50, Load DevHook again to switch to UMD, play your game. Then to run an ISO you have to go back to 1.50 AGAIN, load DevHook AGAIN and change the settings to ISO.
    SE has the ability to use WPA encryption on Wi-Fi.
    1.50 only has WEP. So if you have a WPA Router, you have to load DevHook to use it.
    That also means you can't use 1.50 to access your router, so no homebrew games which need to connect to your router (eg. IR Shell, PiMP Streamer) unless you drop your router to WEP or no encryption, which is stupid.
    WEP is easy to crack, and no encryption means anyone can use your Wi-Fi connection. WPA-PSK (or AES) is what anyone with a wireless router should be using. If you don't have a Wi-Fi connection, this doesn't concern you.
    1.50 doesn't have WMA support, so again you have to load DevHook to play them.
    Most new releases are made for SE, or are made compatible with it.
    Development has slowed for 1.50 cause it's too easy. They know what 1.50 can do. SE is more of a challenge, cause it's new, and has more features/PRX files that can be used then 1.50, so more Devs want to see what they can do with them.
    1.50 was made by sony, 2.71 was made with sony's files, but DAX created the combination of 1.50 with 2.71, and DAX owns Sony. Stupid point, but DAX > Sony.
    SE can do absolutely everything 1.50 can do, even if you may have to fix a few SFO files, which come on, isn't hard to do at all.

    I see no reason to stay at 1.50, and if a really needed it, I can use DevHook and emulate it on SE.

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    so much informacion! :posessed:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosZero
    I see no reason to stay at 1.50, and if a really needed it, I can use DevHook and emulate it on SE.
    Translation: Blah blah blah blah blah

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanzioSan
    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosZero
    I see no reason to stay at 1.50, and if a really needed it, I can use DevHook and emulate it on SE.
    Yep 2.71 seb is basicly 1.5 except with more features

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