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Thread: PSP going in the bin???

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    Got a psp about 6 months ago. Was 2.0 version. Downgraded it to 1.5. Perfect. Then out of nowhere its started playing up. Not put a new game on memory card for a while so cant have got a virus or so.

    Basically what happens is the PSL wont turn up. Can take about half an hour to get it to load up. Then when it does load up I play a game (pro evo) and after about 20 mins the x button seems to get stuck and goes on auto. There is nothing externally to suggest it is stuck in, it just happens. Then i also have a problem with the up and down being not working. I turn it off and then we are back to the original problem of it not loading up.

    When the PSP is turned off the LED on the bottom right is amber - Cant remember this being the case prior to the problem.

    Does anyone have any idea what i should do with it?

    I've upgraded to 2.0 and then downgraded it again, but its still having the same problem.

    Am thinking as per the title to check the piece of junk in the bin. Effectively its a total waste of time as takes ages to load anything and then when loaded it goes to pieces and ruins the game u r playing.

    Am guessing I have no chance in contacting Sony over it to get any help.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    What do you mean with "PSL"? XMB? Anyways... How have you treated your PSP? I've got my PSP about 8 months ago. I have never experienced those problems, and i've up- and downgraded it 6 times, so that can't be the problem. But just to be sure, upgrade to 2.71 and use the dark alex generic downgrader. How many times have you dropped it? Have you stored it at a dusty placed for a long time? You know, the virus/trojan for PSP deletes the whole flash. Leaving no time for starting the VSH/XMB. The LED light is supposed to light up amber when the charger is plugged in. Maybe there is dust or something inside. If you're wondering about opening the PSP, be sure to make all precautions before you open it! And read some Tutorials.
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