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Thread: 3.00 Feature list with translation from japan

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    2006 November 21st
    SONY [konpiyutaentateinmentojiyapan]

    PSP® “[pureisuteshiyon] portable”
    Strengthening the cooperation with PS3™ attendant upon the update to of system software Ver.3.00
    The game transmission for PSP® with of PLAYSTATION® Store from November 22nd start SONY [konpiyutaentateinmentojiyapan] (SCEJ) * 1), portable type entertainment system PSP® from this day we update the system software of “[pureisuteshiyon] portable”, in version 3.00. Because of this, PSP® and PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) as for the customer who is having, the online service “PLAYSTATION®Network” by our company * 2) “PLAYSTATION®Store” inside being similar, from tomorrow besides the fact that it reaches the point where utilization it can receive download service of the PSP® private software, the remote play function of PS3™ * 3), to enjoy also it becomes possible to receive. (As for remote play function, because wireless LAN function is needed, only PS3™ of HDD 60GB becomes the object.)

    Cooperation function of both is strengthened the update of PS3™ and PSP® respective system software * 4) by, new [asobi] of PSP® starts spreading.
    The system software of PSP® and PS3™ starts doing various additional functions and strengthening of security with the version upgrade which in the future is offered on occasion. The details regarding the respective version upgrade contents guide every time of version upgrade, “the PlayStation” official sight ( and mail service of our company management * 5) being similar in target date.
    SCEJ also in the future, creates the world of new entertainment with PSP®, starts promoting the further enlargement of the PSP® platform powerfully.
    * The main function which is renewed with system software version 3.00
    By way of PS3™ it reached the point where it can download “PLAYSTATION®Network” title.

    It reached the point where it can do “remote play”.
    The “online manual” was added.
    It reached the point where it can do the timer set function of the “RSS channel”.
    With the service “i-[huiruta]” which prevents the perusal of the vicious sight and the inadequate sight “Internet browser” (the charge) it corresponded.

    It reached the point where it can do “[bijiyuaraiza]” function.
    “Fast forward/you reset quickly and” you reached the point where it can designate 3 gradual speed change as function.

    It reached the point where you can use “camera” function.

    ““UMD™ automatic start” function was added to substance setting”.

    * As for each functional details and update method, at PSP® system software update please verify.
    * “[gemuakaibusu]”
    It is the transmission service which past was sold to download the game of the “play station” and the other format, can enjoy with PS3™ and PSP®. This service starts from PSP® private game transmission, we transmit also the consecutive PS3™ private game. Concerning “[gemuakaibusu]” from the other format, it is schedule of start of consecutive service as a PS3™ private game.

    From November 22nd the title for PSP® of start of transmission

    (As of 2006 November 22nd data)

    Title name Genre Manufacturer name Price
    (Including tax)
    [gemuakaibusu] (company name 50 sound order)
    BIO HAZARD DIRECTOR'S CUT® Survival fear Corporation [kapukon] 525 Yen
    MSX collection Vol.1 Variety Corporation [konamidejitaruentateinmento] 525 Yen
    MSX collection Vol.2 Variety Corporation [konamidejitaruentateinmento] 525 Yen
    [bishibashisupeshiyaru] Variety Corporation [konamidejitaruentateinmento] 525 Yen
    [akuzaratsudo] RPG Corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento] 525 Yen
    Aloha volume of baron fan key large maneuvers 3D action Corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento] 525 Yen
    GOLF 2 of everyone Golf Corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento] 525 Yen
    Silent bomber Action Corporation [bandainamukogemusu] 525 Yen
    Iron fist 2 Grapple action Corporation [bandainamukogemusu] 525 Yen
    * 1) For the country you take charge of business as a division company of corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento].
    * 2) Basic functional such as message switching in addition to service, you can enjoy the utilization of the online game and in addition the download etc of the additional data of the game and the game with the PS3™ user. Below please refer to details (
    * 3) By way of wireless LAN PS3™ is operated from PSP®, various contents inside PS3™ can be enjoyed. Copyright it does not correspond to the contents which are protected. It is not possible to add wireless LAN performance to PS3™ of the HDD loading of 20GB with the peripheral device.
    * 4) Up-to-date version of the system software for PS3™ at as of 2006 November 21st becomes “version 1.10”. Everything you utilize the function of the system software version 3.00 for PSP®, the system software version 1.10 or more for PS3™ is necessary.
    * 5) PlayStation [ohuoshiyarusaito] “ (Japan)” for the ID register person it becomes service. (No charge)
    * The “play station”, “PLAYSTATION " and " PSP " are registered trade mark of corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento]. In addition, “PS3 " is trade mark of the same company.

    PSP® system software of “[pureisuteshiyon] portable” has done various functional additions and strengthening of security with the version upgrade which is offered on occasion. In regard to verification, always updating the version of PSP® which the customer has in the latest edition, please utilize.

    We have informed about the start of version upgrade the ID register person of this site with the mail. As for details this.

    About PSP® system software version 3.00 update
    2006 November 21st (the fire) from, update of system software version 3.00 was started.

    Use other than the formal update data which this corporation offers with by way of or UMD® the network and, update other than the method of informing from this corporation in order not to do, note. When renewal of substance function it does in illegitimate state, not only not doing operation guarantee, it is outside the object of repair and guarantee.

    About system software
    The system software of PSP® receives the restriction of the license provision of corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento]. As for details, please view

    The main function which is renewed with system software version 3.00

    Game It corresponded to PLAYSTATION®Network title.
    It reached the point where it can download PLAYSTATION®Network title by way of PLAYSTATION®3.

    Network [Remote play] was added.
    [The online manual] was added.
    [[Timer setting] performance was added to the RSS channel].
    [With Internet browser], the service which prevents the perusal of the vicious sight and the inadequate sight [i-[huiruta]] (the charge) it corresponded.

    Music [[bijiyuaraiza]] performance was added.
    Fast forward/3 gradual speed change performance of resetting was added quickly.

    Photo [The camera] was added.

    Setting [[UMD™ automatic start] performance was added to substance setting].

    In addition Note
    When the animated picture contents where term of validity is set being utilization, after the upgrading there are times when time setting by way of Internet becomes necessary.

    Instruction manual download

    Download service of the instruction manual which corresponds to system software version 3.00

    The function which is renewed to the past
    PSP® “[pureisuteshiyon] portable” system software renewal past record

    Update method
    With the below-mentioned each method, it is possible to renew the system software of PSP®.

    Using the network update function of PSP®, it updates. The instruction manual of PSP® please view together.

    Downloading the update data, it retains in the “memory stick duo”. Starting the data which it retains with PSP®, it updates.

    Using the game which includes the update data, it updates. The update data is indicated in the idea contest as in the figure.
    * The version whose update from the game disk is possible in 2006 November 21 day and time point is up to 2.82.

    When version of the system software of PSP® [it becomes version 3.00], it is not necessary to update. Concerning the version of system software, [setting] -> [substance setting] -> [please select substance information and] verify “system software”.

    Guide: As for this update, for Japan PSP® (the PSP-1000 series) it is for the customer whom you purchased. As for the customer of area other than Japan, download please be modest. When preparation is prepared, it guides with the Web sight and the like of each area. Operation guarantee when PSP® other than the above-mentioned type name is updated has not done.

    CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) for Japan (PSP-1000 series). Upon completion of preparing and we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels. For these customers who obtained PSP® in the other countries/areas and please DO NOT update PSP® through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PSP®.

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    Thanks for posting the feature list :)

    If your wondering where I am and cant seem to find me around I\'m at ps3-hacks

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